TS back on stage in 2018!

Good news – Toxic Smile will be back on stage in 2018.

First gigs are announced:

2018 – april, 8 – Toxic Smile @ Artrock Festival Reichenbach, Neuberinhaus (DE )

2018 – october, 1 – Toxic Smile @ Tonellis, Leipzig ( DE )

2018 – october, 6 – Toxic Smile @ Summers End Festival, Chepstow ( UK )



Toxic Smile @ Artrockfestival VI!

While we are already recording tracks for next album, we want to remind you:

Toxic Smile is back in Reichenbach finally: we are playing at ARF VI!

Recording for next album starts now!

Good news – after songwriting session in august, Toxic Smile is entering the studio again, starting with drum recordings @ virtous vibes studio Dresden. See some shots that show Robert preparing the recording ( and video ) sessions with drumtech Flo and Matthias of light / video team.


New guitar player

With our new concept album, we have to say “Farewell!” to our guitar player Uwe, wo was part of the band since early beginning, wrote a lot of great songs and shaped that typical TS-sound. We will always remember the great adventures we shared – but we understand, that he will need the time for his own music school, other musical projects and his family. Thanks for all, Uwe!!!

Today we will introduce to you our new guitarist. He`s a multi-talented guy, playing a lot of instruments and arranging music, teaching and giving workshops for body percussion or bandcoaching. And of course he`s a brilliant guitar player – some of you will already know him from german Progressive Death Metal Band “Divine X”. Please welcome: Mr. Stephan Pankow!




After alsmost 20 years of band history, Toxic Smile`s FAREWELL is released now ( off. release date: 06.12.2015 ) .

The 8th release, again at Progressive Promotion Records, features one song of more than 42 minutes, an amazing storybook and first time after the orchestral DVD “—in classic extension” a string ensemble.

Check out the trailer and (pre)order at www.ppr-shop.de !


New album ” Farewell ” on the way now!

Good news!

After nearly 20 years band history of Toxic Smile, new concpt album “Farewell” will be released on 6th of December 2015 – of course at our label Progressive promotion records. One Song – one album!


More details – infos / trailer – coming soon…

Also, we sadly have to announce, that it also will be the “farewell” of our guitar player Uwe, who decided to take more time for his family and his own guitar school. Uwe was one of the founding members ( he already joined in 1996! ) and his very own style and sound is one of the trademarks of TS. He wrote some of the greatest songs of the band and again did a amazing job on coming album.

We want to say a big “Thank you” for all these years with Toxic Smile. All the best for you and your musical projects in the future, Uwe!

Marek, Robert, Robert, Larry




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