2019 vs 2020

Review 2019 and preview 2020

2019 is history … and I look back as usual… First of all I want to thank my girls at home (I love you!)
and the whole family, for all their understanding and patience with me 😉

Because 2019 was a year with a high workload, countless appearances, especially with my regular band “Passage” and together with my friend and colleague Manuel Schmid, but also long-standing and new companions.

In addition, I was again allowed to greet friends and guests in the studio, to do several productions, compositions, arrangements or recordings, not least to release some albums again.

This is not a matter of course for me, but I am very grateful for this happiness in being able to turn passion into a profession. Special thanks to my colleagues and friends in my main job at the Waldenburg “Jugendkunstschule”, with whom I can look back on a successful and intensive year.

At least 7 albums were released in 2019 with my participation, in charge, involved or as a guest (yes, sometimes the processes of album production are very time-consuming over years, so that you can lose track of them, especially in guest appearances) – here are the most important:

– the album was released in January:
Manuel Schmid & Marek Arnold – ZEITEN

The mixture of German-language, almost semi-acoustic songs and art rock elements was very well received by critics and fans, was astonishingly often distributed and played in English-language channels, we are very happy! The “times” tour took us across the east of the republic in 2019 and in the end even to the “west” of Germany, premiere Thank you very much to everyone who listens to us and the album. We look forward to the next dates in 2020!

– seven steps to the green door – THE? LIE

With the continuation of the THE? BOOK theme, we were moving this time in the awareness that we would set particularly difficult parts of the story to music. We decided on consistency in the sense of the story, which certainly does not make the album as easily accessible as the previous albums, but with part 3 it will result in an even more musically meaningful work. I can’t wait to finish the trilogy together with the band’s new and old friends, musicians and songwriters.

– CYRIL -the way through

The third album of my band CYRIL also saw the light of day, was well received and received great reviews. And in 2019 this band went on stage for the first time – the live premiere of the Winter`s End Festival UK and Artrockfestival DE brought the band new fans and listeners.

– FLAMING ROW – the pure shine

In the last days of the year, Flaming Row’s 3rd album was finally released. The recordings had already started in 2014, and after the interim reshuffle with Melanie Mau on the vocals and a new story concept, Martin Schnella also worked vigorously on the completion of the production this year. The fans of the first albums should also bring The Pure Shine great joy again 🙂

Other albums I have been involved in include the current releases from UPF, The Samurai of Prog or the solo album of my friend Robert Brenner.

And 2020?

I’m looking forward to the joint appearances with Manuel, Passage, Swing KonAction, the cabaret “Die Sti (eh) lblüten” and others. – the calendar is already filling up.

Although of course not so many releases will take place in 2020 in view of all these albums, I don’t sit around idly:With Manuel I am currently not only working on a new, interesting live program, but also on the compositions, lyrics and the production of the upcoming “Stern Combo Meissen” album.

I have been tinkering with ssttgd for a few months on the third part of the? BOOK trilogy and some surprises that will be announced soon.

CYRIL is already working on the next album, Guy Manning was already visiting Germany last year, and there will probably be the next DAMANEK album in 2020.

I am also looking forward to a visit from Gerd Albers (guess why?) and other studio guests for 2020 (www.facebook.com/bsidemusicde – if you like to leave me a like).

In addition, for 2020, I plan to finally get the album from “The Artrock Project” on the road after “Stay” struck like this and there are still such positive responses to this day.

And I am particularly looking forward to the upcoming festivals at home and abroad with ssttgd and Manuel – and surprise! – a small DE tour in October, presented by Eclipsed and deutsche-mugge, in a pack of three ssttgd + CYRIL + Manuel Schmid & Marek Arnold.

Details will follow soon.

If you have actually made it this far, hopefully you will not miss what I forgot in the list. Have a great 2020!

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