New CYRIL – video and other news…

My last two own releases  – seven steps to the green door “THE?LIE” and CYRIL “the way through” had a great start and got amazing reviews and feedbacks. Even the biggest Prog Magazines featured us with several articles, comments and reviews. ( f.e. Eclipsed-Magazine or EMPIRE )

I`m really happy about that!

Theres a big interview with me in current edition of Eclipsed Magazin ( german ) – thats how it starts:


The Tour with Manuel Schmid featuring our new album “Zeiten” is still going on – please check the dates here  ( have a look for the dates with: “Solo Konzert mit Marek Arnold” ).

The new Album with United Progressive Fraternity (UPF) is realeased now, too – and already got great reviews. Meanwhile I`m playing new tracks ( keys, sax ) for third Flaming Row album, which will be released later this year.

Theres a new video of my band CYRIL, featuring our new drummer Florian Graf ( only visual, the song was still played by Clemens Litschko ).

Check out!

FINALLY: Preorder of “the way through” and “THE?LIE”


Preorder starts now! At you can order my both new releases

with CYRIL and seven steps to the green door!

CYRIL “the way through”

Germany’s Melodic Prog act CYRIL is back with its third release. Cyril prove once again on their third album how exciting Art- and PopRock can merge into a perfect symbiosis.

Tracklist: 1. The Gate (5:46) 2. My Own Reflection (6:46) 3. First Love ( A Lullaby ) (8:19) 4. Get Up High (8:41) 5. A Sign On The Road (4:33) 6. The Wasteland – Home Again (5:54) 7. The Way Through? (6:15)

seven steps to the green door “THE?LIE”

second part of the “THE?BOOK” Trilogy

Tracklist: 1.ĀOI 2. Salvation 3. A Price To Pray 4. A Dream That Strayed  5. ĀOII 6. Heaven7. The Word Made Flesh 8. Hear My Voice Tonight 9. Come To Your Father 10. Heaven (reprise)

special edition, incl. signed CD, lyricbook 48 pgs & “bloody surprise”

lyricist George Andrade explains:

“THE?LIE” is a new rock opera/concept album that I’ve co-written with the magnificent Seven Steps to the Green Door, the second album of a proposed trilogy**.

It tells the story of a family intimately caught up in the fanatic actions of their religious leaders, their church “fathers”, and the unfolding tragedy that befalls them all, while having to reconcile their faith turned religion with the repercussions of those fanatic actions committed in their God’s name, and coming to terms with the divergent and symbiotic relationship of a faith’s moral authority with the political realities of administrating and growing any organized religion…

I think “THE?LIE” contains some of my best and most ambitious writing for music to date (I hope you’ll agree), and combined with the stellar performances of the musicians and vocalist assembled for this record, I’m confident you’ll be entertained, thrilled, and ultimately moved by the musical experience…”

New video online…

We are happy to present our new video for the single release “Kleines Glück” from new album “Zeiten”!

Thanks to FOTOMANA Movie – Jana Hauke and Marco Wentworth! Great job!

Here are some shots from the shooting, made by, too.

ZEITEN – Tour 2019 / 20

“Zeiten” – Tour 2019 / 20 – Manuel Schmid & Marek Arnold


feb, 14 – Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Kleine Galerie –

Lesung mit Michael Fuchs-Gamböck

march, 22 – Altenburg, Drogeriemarkt Müller, release conzert & signing

april, 13 – Reichenbach, Neuberinhaus, Artrockfestival

may, 18 – “Frische Priesse”, Priessnitzstrasse 1

may, 31 – Erfurt, DieVino

june, 1 – Dresden, Club Passage

june, 8 – Altenburg, Gaststätte Ost

june, 28 – Lützen, Schloß

june, 29 – Altenburg, Hofgärtnerei

aug, 8 – Altenburg Brauerei ( with Band )

aug, 17 – Genthin, AMIGA tribute

aug, 23 – Berlin, Zimmer 16

sept, 6 – Stünzhain, Kirche

sept, 7 – Lichtentanne, St.Barbara

oct, 18 – Dresden, Weinbergkirche

oct, 20 – Berlin, VereinsKulturHaus Bornholm II

nov, 1 – Berlin, Neu Helgoland, Holger Biege – Abend

nov, 10 – Schmölln, Stadtkirche


march, 14 – Radeburg, Kulturbahnhof

more to be announced soon…


Finally – “Zeiten” – Out now!

The new CD can be preordered @

Price: 15,-€ incl. shipping to EU countries ( or 18,- incl. shipping to europe )

Thanks for your support!

( for promo / airplay please write message! )

Studio News

Little short update of the working @ B`side-music studio:

Toxic Smile:

as you will know already, after over 20 years of the bands existence we sadly had to announce that Toxic Smile will be retiring from the stage of the rock circus.

This was not an easy decision to make, but its the result of developments which have been going on for many years. Barely any other progressive rock band which started simultaneously to TS has survived as long, and thats why we are very proud and grateful to be some of the few musicians in this genre who were able to live through so many great experiences and wonderful years.

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to all our companions, partners, our label and, most importantly, all of our loyal fans!

Sadly that also means, that there will be no new album of TS anymore.

seven steps to the green door:

working on new album is much harder than we thought 😉 A lot of new characters, a new storyline by amazing George Andrade, who also wrote the lyrics… and musically its not even easy stuff. So – sadly we will need some time, but we are working hard to produce a stunning new album – release will be in 2019.


Most of the recordings are done now, Guy Manning already wrote the lyrics, first vocal recordings are done, too. Release of the third album will be in late 2018.

Manuel Schmid & Marek Arnold:

At the moment I`m working with Manuel on our “common” debut album – there will be only own compositions, some german adaption of my songs with Toxic Smile, new arrangements of CYRIl songs and completely new songs. Release planned for autumn – stay tuned!

And to be noticed:

second album of my band DAMANEK with Guy Manning & Dan Mash (UK) and Sean Timms (Australien) called “In Flight” will be released on 5th of oktober.

Peter Skov`s Video series…

In Episode 6 of his video “series”, Peter Skov made 2 nice and funny videos about my releases with my prog bands, especially introducing seven steps to the green door, Toxic Smile, Flaming Row and DAMANEK, and he also speaks about the amazing work of my mate Sean Timms ( of DAMANEK, Southern Empire and Ex-Unitopia ).