FINALLY: Preorder of “the way through” and “THE?LIE”


Preorder starts now! At you can order my both new releases

with CYRIL and seven steps to the green door!

CYRIL “the way through”

Germany’s Melodic Prog act CYRIL is back with its third release. Cyril prove once again on their third album how exciting Art- and PopRock can merge into a perfect symbiosis.

Tracklist: 1. The Gate (5:46) 2. My Own Reflection (6:46) 3. First Love ( A Lullaby ) (8:19) 4. Get Up High (8:41) 5. A Sign On The Road (4:33) 6. The Wasteland – Home Again (5:54) 7. The Way Through? (6:15)

seven steps to the green door “THE?LIE”

second part of the “THE?BOOK” Trilogy

Tracklist: 1.ĀOI 2. Salvation 3. A Price To Pray 4. A Dream That Strayed  5. ĀOII 6. Heaven7. The Word Made Flesh 8. Hear My Voice Tonight 9. Come To Your Father 10. Heaven (reprise)

special edition, incl. signed CD, lyricbook 48 pgs & “bloody surprise”

lyricist George Andrade explains:

“THE?LIE” is a new rock opera/concept album that I’ve co-written with the magnificent Seven Steps to the Green Door, the second album of a proposed trilogy**.

It tells the story of a family intimately caught up in the fanatic actions of their religious leaders, their church “fathers”, and the unfolding tragedy that befalls them all, while having to reconcile their faith turned religion with the repercussions of those fanatic actions committed in their God’s name, and coming to terms with the divergent and symbiotic relationship of a faith’s moral authority with the political realities of administrating and growing any organized religion…

I think “THE?LIE” contains some of my best and most ambitious writing for music to date (I hope you’ll agree), and combined with the stellar performances of the musicians and vocalist assembled for this record, I’m confident you’ll be entertained, thrilled, and ultimately moved by the musical experience…”

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