"Paralyzed”, then, is a very different from Cyril’s debut. It is less chronological and retro, it is jazzier and smoother, and its melodies will melt your knees. It has fantastic instrumental sections that build to wonderful climaxes, and the lyrics are well written by friend of the band Guy Manning. There is no filler, and the musicians never resort to pretentious or gaudy moments. Ultimately, this is an album of peace, emotion, and gentleness, but it still grabs you from the first minute. Get this album!"
(the prog mind)

"The combination of all these elements fashion an album which is riveting in scope, gripping in detail and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. There is an exciting sense of character and emotion from a band who are themselves evolving and transitioning and exploring a whole range of progressive avenues and pathways as they do so."

"...Paralyzed is a great album that blends melodic progressive rock with symphonic rock; Yes, Marillion and adds some jazzy elements as well.

(background magazine)

"...However that track isn't alone in showcasing how masterfully Cyril blend hooks with darting time signatures, textural changes and ever altering atmospheres. The closing "Secret Place Pt.1", which at an unassuming eighteen minute running time gently creeps into epic territory, an amazing illustration of what this band are capable of."
(sea of tranquillity)